Democratic Coalition opposes voting rights for ethnic Hungarians abroad

October 4, 2017

Democratic Coalition opposes voting rights for ethnic Hungarians abroad
Photo:ános Bődey

Vice-chairperson for Democratic Coalition (DK) Ágnes Vadai (pictured) finds it unacceptable that Prime Minister Viktor Orbán “buys votes” of ethnic Hungarians in neighboring countries using public money, reports

Vadai said DK’s position on the question of voting rights for these Hungarians is that no person who has never lived in Hungary should have the right to vote. The party supports the Hungarian minorities’ cultural and educational efforts in the nearby countries, she said, adding that the government helps them financially to maintain their national identities. But rights and obligations go together, thus only those who will feel the consequences of their vote should have the right to place one, Vadai said.  

DK’s position is in line with poll results Publicus Institute published in August. 57% of voting-age respondents opposed granting voting rights to ethnic Hungarians abroad, while 56% were aware that the majority of ethnic Hungarians in the nearby countries voted for ruling party Fidesz in 2014. More than half disapproved the large amounts of money the government grants to Hungarian minorities abroad, and 82% disagreed specifically with the financial support of the football academy in Transylvania.