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Dialogue for Hungary calls for left-wing primaries

Dialogue for Hungary (PM) proposes to sit down with other left-wing parties on October 24 to discuss holding primary elections in 2017 in the run-up to the 2018 general elections.

At the “Stand up for a non-violent Hungary” event which the party held outside the parliament building in defiance of the National Election Committee, the opposition party’s politicians warned that if Hungarians do not vote Viktor Orbán out of office in 2018, “the country will sink into utter hopelessness.”

Reacting to news that the anti-resettlement referendum was invalid, PM co-chair Timea Szabó told the crowd of several hundred supporters that “Viktor Orbán and his heartless government failed today.”  She warned it would only be possible to defeat Fidesz in 2018 if only one left-wing candidate ran for parliament in each of the country’s 106 electoral districts.  She said the decision which candidate to run should not be made by party leaders behind closed doors.  Rather, the democratic opposition should hold a primary election to choose the best candidate for each district.

PM co-chair Gergely Karácsony said the method of holding the primary should be decided this year so that it could be held in 2017 with a view to winning in 2018.

PM politician Richárd Barabás said the failure of the referendum meant that “every day we can say that a failed prime minister is leading the country.”  He called for an end to the age of inciting hatred and fear.  “Now we put down the foundation stones of a new country,” Barabás said.

Initially the National Election Committee banned the PM event on the grounds that it counted as a forbidden political activity on the day of an election.  PM appealed, pointing out that the purpose of the event was to say no to the incitement of hatred and fear.

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