Disgraced Hungarian diplomat drives Porsche with Russian diplomatic plates

June 7, 2016


Szilárd Kiss is an interesting fellow. He was kicked out of the foreign service when it was still under the direction of János Martonyi because he did not pass the mandatory national security screening. Later, he was assigned to Hungary’s Moscow embassy as an agriculture attaché from Hungary’s Ministry of the Rural Development led by minister Sándor Fazekas.

He was eventually sacked from that position for engaging in the sale of Schengen visas to Russian citizens.  Stripped of his diplomatic credentials, Kiss was evidently allowed to retain the diplomatic license plates issued by the Russian authorities (see photograph).

In addition to reportedly owning a Russian company with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s friend Lőrinc Meszáros, receiving large loans from a now-defunct Hungarian savings cooperative which he never repaid, Kiss has been connected to the KGB and the Russian underworld.

Kiss’ connections to the upper echelons of the Hungarian elite, it turns out, are remarkably tight and even extend to figures such as Csaba Tarsoly, embattled CEO of Quaestor brokerage house whose bond-issuing business unit went belly-up shortly after the Hungarian government pulled its investments out of the company.

Now, Index.hu has published pictures of Kiss living it up in Budapest, driving a Porsche Cayenne S with Russian diplomatic plates. The number plates, however, are not those assigned to Russia’s embassy in Budapest — they are the plates that were assigned to him in Russia when he was working out of the Hungarian embassy.