District VII mayor promises to do something about “party district” chaos

August 16, 2017

Budapest District VII mayor Zsolt Vattamány has promised to do something about problems of excessive noise and filth associated with the city’s so-called “party district” in response to a widespread outcry by residents.

“We will prepare a comprehensive regulation by September in order to solve the problems of Budapest’s party district,” Vattamány told Magyar Nemzet, adding that his priority is to ensure the quality of life for District VII residents. Vattamány (Fidesz-KDNP) said he is conducting a series of discussions with residents, local business owners and public servants to prepare a draft regulation by mid-September to present to the district council.

Residents of the inner seventh district complain that a proliferation of neighborhood bars and clubs and late closing times have led to intolerable conditions. A group called Élhető Erzsébetváros (Livable Erzsébetváros) was formed to represent their interests, as they say they cannot sleep due to the noise of revelers, and the trash, urine and vomit left in the streets and in their doorways has become unbearable.

Locals, along with opposition district representatives, reportedly began preparations for a referendum on regulations in the district on Monday.

Accommodation and services such as bars and restaurants in District VII bring major revenues into state coffers. It was revealed last week by Ministry for National Economy undersecretary András Tállai that income and tourism taxes paid by District VII businesses in 2016 generated some HUF 6.6 billion (USD 25.4 million) in public revenue.