DK hires campaign consultancy firm founded by Obama’s former campaign advisers

October 3, 2017

DK hires campaign consultancy firm founded by Obama's former campaign advisers
Democratic Coalition chairman Ferenc Gyurcsány Photo: Ajpek

A campaign consultancy firm founded by former campaign advisers to American president Barack Obama has been hired by Hungary’s Democratic Coalition (DK) opposition party, according to a statement released by the party, reports.

DK says the party has been conducting negotiations with the American consultancy firm Smoot Tewes Group (STG) for the past several weeks “so that they can make a proposal for our 2018 spring elections campaign strategy, and to provide advice to the campaign.”

STG is “one of the most respected American Democratic advising firms, founded by the most important figures of the winning Obama campaign,” DK writes, including Julianna Smoot, who was a member of the Obama foundation’s advisory board, his deputy campaign manager, as well as the financial director of Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. STG was also founded by Democratic strategists Paul Tewes, another organizer of Obama’s campaign, and Dan Kanninen, Obama’s campaign manager in several US battleground states.

DK added that STG uses “the most modern campaign tools that could be of serious help to DK in the 2018 spring election campaign.” According to the agreement signed with the firm, STG will advise DK on its campaign strategy and structure, as well as its communication methods. DK will reportedly pay STG a monthly EUR 10,000 in party revenues for its services.