Dombóvár to sue Klik over failure to maintain local schools

January 10, 2016

Photo: Népszabadság
Photo: Népszabadság

The local government of Dombóvár has filed a lawsuit against the Klebensberg Kuno Institutional Maintenance Center (KLIK) responsible for maintaining the country’s public primary and second schools nationalized in 2013.  The town, which is in the southwest of Hungary, claims that Klik is not spending enough money on the maintenance of public institutions.  Clogged rain gutters and downspouts have resulted in leaks and mold and caused window frames and doors to warp, claims the town.

Daily newspaper Népszabadság reports that Klik took over the operation of seven public institutions in Dombóvár previously operated by the government in 2013, writing that “Dombóvár’s leaders see that over the past three years the condition of the properties mentioned have deteriorated as (Klik) has spent virtually nothing on the maintenance of the buildings”.

Photo: Népszabadság
Photo: Népszabadság

Loránd Szabó (pictured) told the left-wing daily “we transfer HUF 14.456 million monthly to the state for the maintenance and operation of schools.  . . . At most a small fraction of that money has been spent on the buildings over the past three years, and in this way their condition continuously deteriorates.  It happened that failure to clean a rain gutter at one of the schools caused four classrooms and the school director’s office to suffer water damage.”

A survey of conditions at the town’s other six schools revealed similar problems—leaks, mold, mildew, warped windows and doors, damaged plaster, missing tiles, worn parquet floors, etc.   The rain gutters at one school named after famous Hungarian poet Attila József have rusted to the point where “the windows are threatening to fall out”, says the mayor.

Szabó believes Dombóvár’s problems are symptomatic of the entire country but that local governments have not dared to confront Klik.

Népszabadság writes that contributing to Dombóvár’s “courage” is the fact that “Naturally Dombóvár” led by Szabó defeated the Fidesz candidates in the 2014 municipal elections, thereby “given strength to civic leaders when it comes to criticizing the government”.


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