EC condemns Azerbaijan for pardoning convicted axe murderer Ramil Safarov

November 20, 2014


The standing parliamentary committee of the European council has condemned Azerbaijan for violating principles of good faith and rule of law by pardoning convicted axe murderer Ramil Safarov upon his extradition from Hungary to Azerbaijan.

An officer in the Azerbaijan army, Safarov was convicted and sentenced by a Budapest court to life in prison for murdering an Armenian army officer who was also participating in NATO sponsored training in Budapest with an axe.  The court ruled that that the murder was premeditative, and that Safarov had acted “with special cruelty and from base motives”.

Concerned Safarov would not spend a day in prison, former Hungarian Minister for Justice and Government Procedure Tibor Navracsics reportedly opposed the decision to hand Safarov over to Azerbaijan, but was ordered to so by prime minister Viktor Orbán.

Navracsics’ fears turned out to be well-ground, especially as over the course of formal negotiations Hungary inexplicably neglected to ask whether the President of Azerbaijan intended to pardon Safarov for his crime.

(Oops! –ed.)

Last week on the occasion of a visit to Budapest by Azerbaijan’s president, Viktor Orbán announced the two countries had concluded a “strategic partnerhip” providing for student exchanges and the construction of a new USD 45 billion southern pipeline between the two countries.

It goes without saying that the agreement has nothing whatsoever to do with Safaro’s extradition to Azerbaijan.

Tibor Navracsics was recently confirmed as European Commission for Youth Affairs and Education.  It is not clear whether his promotion/banishment to Brusels has anything to do with the fact that, while a cabinet member, Navricsics was known to occasionally express views contrary to those of prime minister Viktor Orban.