EC experts to examine HUF 3 trillion no-bid contract to build new reactors at Paks

January 16, 2014


EC experts to examine whether the contract to build two new reactors in Paks complies with EU regulations.

The European Commission never gave an opinion as to whether or not Hungary is required to issue a public tender with regard to the expansion of the nuclear power plant in Paks. On Wednesday, the spokesperson for EC Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger, Sabine Berger, said EU experts would examine the HUF 3 trillion agreement signed between Hungary and Russian on Tuesday with regard to public procurement, but that for the time being the EC could not give an opinion as to whether it is compliant with EU regulations.

During a press conference held on Tuesday state secretary Janos Lazar told the press that Hungary had obtained “preliminary approval” from the EC to award a HUF 3 trillion (EUR 10 billion/USD 13.5 billion) no-bid contract to the Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation.  In light of Berger’s comments, it seems Lazar’s statement that “the EC had not exercised its veto” was somewhat misleading. writes that, according to sources that wish to remain anonymous, whether or not EU regulations on public procurement apply in this case depend on the financial construction.

Berger said that the Hungarian government had given the European Commission preliminary notice of the planned wording of the Hungarian-Russian “Euratom agreement” and that “it was exclusively within the context of that draft agreement that the EC gave an opinion”.  While it appears the EC did not raise any objections to the technical provisions of that particular agreement, it seems it did not expressly approve the contract concluded on Tuesday between Hungary and Russia.

Editor: We note that other Hungarian language articles posted yesterday on this very subject appear to have been removed, perhaps at the instigation of Hungary’s media oversight authority.

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