EC President Juncker: We are not nihilists

September 14, 2016


Populism does not solve any problems. Populism causes problems.” – European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker at a plenary session in Strasbourg

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has responded to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s claim that he and other EU officials are “nihilists.

“Europe is not becoming a united state, it is not even allowed to become a united state,” Juncker said, adding, “We are not nihilists.”

Orbán made his statements at the annual Fidesz picnic in Kötcse over the weekend, declaring: “What our opponents represent today has nothing to do with the ideas of great liberals who came before, what is represented today is pure nihilism — and this nihilistic perspective has grabbed on to the world and institutions of the European Union. [This nihilism] is represented by the likes of Juncker, Verhofstadt, and Schultz. Nihilists are in the minority in society but they have long ago taken over the European elite.”

The words had scarcely left the great leader’s lips when leading Fidesz politicians and government officials immediately began parroting Orbán, accusing Hungary’s European critics of being “nihilists”.

Juncker, Verhofstadt and Schultz have all, incidentally, recently made comments critical of Orbán’s policies, especially concerning Hungary’s treatment of asylum seekers.

Juncker said the European Union has no intention of absorbing its member states, but that too often, each nation acts only in its own interests, opening the way to populism, which must be resisted.

“Populism does not solve any problems. Populism causes problems,” he said.