Edelény mayor’s wife builds family house with EU funds

June 7, 2017

Photo: Attila Béres – Magyar Nemzet

The wife of former Fidesz MP and current mayor of Edelény Oszkár Molnár applied for EU grants worth HUF 25.7 million (USD 94,000) in 2013 to build a syrup-making facility but uses the finished building as the family’s home, reports mno.hu. Mrs Molnár pledged to operate the facility sustainably for five years, however Magyar Nemzet did not find any trace of its syrup products in Edelény.

The building – atop a vineyard hill on the edge of town – was referred to as “the mayor’s house” by local workers, and seems to be lacking the necessary equipment for syrup and marmalade making. But there were children’s toys on the porch when Magyar Nemzet visited.

According to the newspaper, there is no indication of the building operating as intended apart from a small sign hanging from the doorway that affirms it was built with the use of EU funds.

When asked about the operation of the manufactury, mayor Molnár told the reporters that his wife manufactures the products, and if they would join him on a tour of the facility, he would give them a few jars of marmalade as a gift since the syrup was currently out of stock. When the reporters told Molnár that they had not found any sign of actual syrup manufacturing there he simply replied: “And so?” When the reporters insisted on purchasing some marmalade, Molnár suddenly realized that only his wife has keys to the house and she is the sole authorized person to sell the products, but was unfortunately in hospital at the moment.

The former Free Democrat (SZDSZ), later Fidesz and independent MP became an infamous player in Hungarian politics after he stated in 2009 that Roma women in nearby settlements deliberately harm their fetuses by hitting their abdomens with a rubber hammer so that the born children will have some sort of disability and the parents can receive more state aid. After his statement, Fidesz decided not to appoint him as a candidate for the 2010 parliamentary election, and later expelled him from the party when he decided to run as an independent against Fidesz’s chosen MP candidate in Edelény.