Együtt activist assaulted by extreme-right activists

December 4, 2017

Együtt activist has been assaulted by extreme right activists calling him "liberal cunt"
Face of the assaulted activist | Photo: Facebook/@Juhi.JuhaszPeter

An Együtt activist was verbally and physically assaulted by two men in Keszthely town on Friday night, reports

Együtt (Together) chairman Péter Juhász shared a post about the incident on his Facebook page on Sunday night. According to Juhász’s post, the activist started talking with two men at a Keszthely nightspot.

The discussion soon gravitated towards politics and the activist told the two men, who allegedly identified themselves as members of the extreme-right-wing Strength and Determination Party, that earlier that day he had been campaigning for Tibor Molnár, Együtt’s candidate in the Ajka electoral district. As a result, the two men allegedly started to insult the activist and make anti-gypsy, antisemite and anti-migration remarks. The activist reportedly stuck to his point and argued that no one should be discriminated against based on their origin.

Soon after, as the activist was preparing to leave, he was allegedly knocked down from behind by the two men. The men were reportedly shouting obscenities and kept on kicking and hitting him on the ground, causing him light injuries.

According to Juhász’s post, an official medical report was made about the activist’s injuries and he filed a report with the police. In an official statement, Együtt blamed the incident on hate incited by the governing Fidesz and radical-right-wing Jobbik.

The Strength and Determination Party denied that its activists had assaulted the Együtt activist, claiming the former has no organization in Keszthely and that its members are “disciplined” not to rise to “base left-wing provocation,” reports