Együtt to run 50 candidates for parliament in 15 counties

March 6, 2018

Együtt chairman Péter Juhász (left), deputy chairman Nóra Hajdu, and chairman of the board and prime ministerial candidate Viktor Szigetvári | Photo: Facebook/@egyuttkorszakvaltok

Együtt has collected and submitted to the National Election Committee sufficient endorsement signatures to run 50 candidates in 15 of Hungary’s 19 counties, announced Együtt politician Viktor Szigetvári on Monday.

Szigetvári, who is his party’s (rather optimistic) candidate for prime minister, called this a good result which proves his party possesses a national organization and network despite failing to collect the requisite signatures to field candidates in many of Hungary’s 106 electoral districts.

Együtt (Together) believes that it is possible to defeat the governing Fidesz-KDNP political alliance on April 8 “providing everyone understands the Hódmezővásárhely example,” meaning in each electoral district opposition parties withdraw all but the opposition candidate most likely to defeat the Fidesz candidate.

Szigetvári said his party was not in negotiations with any other party concerning individual electoral districts, and ruled out the possibility of withdrawing candidates in favor of radical right-wing Jobbik candidates.

To date Együtt has announced that it will withdraw candidates in favor of two Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP), two Democratic Coalition (DK), two Politics Can Be Different (LMP) and two independent candidates (Zoltán Kész and Tamás Mellár).

Other opposition parties have yet to reciprocate the favor.