Együtt’s Péter Juhász: Any party that seeks to further divide the opposition is helping Fidesz

March 12, 2018

National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information to investigate State Audit Office's fining of Együtt
Photo: Barakonyi

On Sunday, Együtt chairman Péter Juhász marched around Budapest, sticking a proclamation on the front door of each opposition party’s headquarters. The proclamation calls on each opposition party to cooperate in the fielding of candidates in Hungary’s individual electoral districts at the general election on April 8.

According to a statement released by Együtt (Together):

  • The Hódmezővásárhely case shows that it is possible to defeat Fidesz.  The parties must reach an agreement about which opposition politician has the best shot if he/she runs alone against the Fidesz candidate.
  • The candidate with the best shot is the one that is most acceptable to all the opposition parties — not the one supported by the largest party.
  • It is a historic sin if the opposition shows that it is incapable of rising above party politics and focusing on the national interest.
  • Opposition parties who claim that they alone are capable of changing the government are lying, just as those are lying who claim that the opposition parties have reached some kind of agreement.
  • It is unacceptable that any opposition party would place their party interest ahead of the national interest. Any party that does not collaborate with the others or seeks to further divide the opposition is helping Fidesz.