Együtt’s Péter Juhász vows to fight on

April 10, 2018

Együtt's Péter Juhász vows to fight on

In a spontaneous Facebook videoblog Tuesday morning, Együtt politician Péter Juhász, vowed to fight on.

Using his signature “selfie-stick,” the anti-corruption activist filmed himself addressing a life-size cutout of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

“I would like to send the following message to you, dear Viktor Orbán: good-bye,” says Juhász, knocking over the Fidesz chairman in effigy.

Turning to the camera, Juhász continues his address to Orbán:

“Be informed that you have not broken us in any way. Your disgusting, villainous character assassinations didn’t break us either. Nor will you break us by creating your own opposition and taking into parliament in the belief that afterwards we will disappear.”

Against an ever-changing background featuring various individuals packing up their belongings, Juhász states:

“At this moment here a lot of our colleagues are packing up because you succeeded in ensuring that the activists, politicians, assemblymen, and candidates of the party opposed to you making the greatest sacrifices did not get into parliament. You managed to persuade a lot of people that there was a point to abandoning their principles for that one day, and we did not get in. But don’t think that this broke us, not for a minute, or that we will give up.  Or that we’ll let you off the hook for cheating, destroying the country, and ruining our children’s future.  We will be here and we will struggle in the future as well.”

The Együtt (Together) politician then enjoins his viewers to do anything and everything in their power to assist the micro-party in its hour of need, including “people who are better off, businessmen, entrepreneurs who think the country’s future is important,” adding facetiously

“We are confident that you foreign, imperialist agents for whom it is important to bring down the Orbán system and see in us the future.

“We are continuing, somehow. How depends on you. It’s for sure I’m not giving up. The question is what I can do. If more than HUF 194 million (USD 780,000) comes in, it’s for sure that we will devote this amount to bringing down the Orbán system. We didn’t work merely to secure a parliamentary mandate, or for positions, or for Egyutt to be the largest party, but for you and for someone to represent you in this country,” says Juhász.

“If more comes in, and I’m sure twice as much will flow in, then we will continue, in which case Orbán isn’t rid of us. [Minister] Antal Rogán will go to jail. We will go after each and every criminal.”