ELTE professor warns against attempting to resettle 50-60,000 immigrants in Hungary

September 6, 2016

MTI Photo: Mohai Balázs
MTI Photo: Mohai Balázs

Prominent historian and Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) professor László Tőkéczki has likened the prospect of integrating Muslims in Hungary to the integration of Roma, which he considers a failure. Reiterating statements made by various government spokespersons at the peak of last year’s European refugee crisis, Tőkéczki told state-owned Kossuth Radio that it is not in the interest of its Roma population for refugees to settle in Hungary, because Hungary would be unable to handle the resettlement of 50-60,000 people, and if it tried, “it would be the end of aid to Gypsies” because the same money used for aid to Roma would be used to assist refugees. Leftist daily Népszabadság notes that for now the European Union only wishes to temporarily settle 1,300 refugees in Hungary for the duration of their asylum procedures.

Germany’s decision to resettle refugees will result in hundreds of thousands of unskilled people who don’t speak the language and don’t have any local contacts to be financially maintained by the state, according to Tőkéczki. They want to live there with their own lifestyle and “they don’t want to adapt.” This is against Germany’s own economic interests, and something Hungary would be unable to bear, he said.

Tőkéczki is also worried about “left-wing type organizations, atheists, feminists, homosexuals, and, how should I say it, the Jews” because if Islam enters Hungary, “it will be the end of them.” His apocalyptic predictions also include Hungarian Christians, who risk becoming second-class citizens if refugees are admitted.

The middle and lower classes will be forced to bear the financial burden of integrating the refugees, Tőkéczki said, adding that if the European Union doesn’t respond to the results of the upcoming anti-settlement referendum, then it works like a new Soviet Union, which “doesn’t make any sense.”

(With all due respect, what “doesn’t make sense” is that Tőkéczki  should warn against attempting to integrate 50-60,000 immigrants when the subject of the referendum is the temporary settlement of 1,300 asylum seekers for the duration of their procedures-ed.)