ELTE students issue demands in lead-up to Wednesday’s demonstration

April 22, 2015


ELTE students protesting plans to eliminate certain undergraduate departments on Monday

Students marched on Monday to protest ministerial plans to eliminate certain undergraduate faculties at Budapest’s Eötvös Lorand University.  Teachers and students in the departments of Social Sciences and International Affairs have issued a list of seven demands in advance of a demonstration scheduled to take place at 6 pm this evening.

1.  We demand that the Ministry for Human Resources (EMMI) withdraw its official proposal to eliminate certain undergraduate fields of study and the proposed modification to the law on upper education.

2.  We demand independence for upper education!  We demand that those enrolling in university be free to choose their college and their field of study.

3.  We need experts in social sciences, in the EU, and in international relations!  Don’t ban departments that train such experts!

4. In the 21st century it should not be the state that decides who becomes what!  The state should not be the one to decide which professions exist and which do not.  The state should not forbid any kind of training, and should not seek to establish a monopoly for the government university.

5. Only expertly prepared decisions should be made. And the studies supporting those decisions should be released to the public!  We demand transparency, consensus, and professionalism!  Nothing is to be decided about us without us!

6.  We demand legal guarantees that professional organizations of teachers and students be allowed to participate in decisions pertaining to upper education.

7. The government should follow European trends!  Don’t bury our future and render impossible Hungary’s place in the world!

The teachers and students of the Faculty of Social Sciences

International Studies Student Advocacy group