EPP deputy chairman compares refugees to zombies from Game of Thrones

October 30, 2017

EPP deputy chairman compares refugees to zombies from Game of Thrones
Photo: MTI/Péter Komka

Fidesz MEP József Szájer, who bears an uncanny resemblance to Norwegian film actor, producer and writer Kristofer Hivju from “Game of Thrones,” held a town hall forum on Saturday in the town of Eger to drum up support for the government’s Soros Plan national consultation.

Online daily hvg.hu covered the forum and – after a certain point – its reporter stopped counting how many times Szájer said George Soros’ name, that George Soros wants 1 million migrants per year, that millions would have to be paid to each migrant, and that Hungary would be attacked if it does not take part in the plan. According to Szájer, Hungary’s divided opposition supports George Soros’ plan.

According to hvg.hu, Szájer, of the European People’s Party, made the following remarks:

  • In Brussels, he had asked his German colleagues in the European Parliament why it is that they support the Hungarian billionaire’s plan. “We invite them, you take care of them,” is how Szájer said one of his German colleagues responded.
  • If refugees come to Hungary, sooner or later the country would be like Brussels. There would be geographical areas where only Muslims live, no Christians, just like “Buda when it was occupied by the Turks.”
  • A cab driver in Brussels once told Szájer that the Belgians need a prime minsiter like Hungary’s Viktor Orbán.
  • If the “Greeks were able to defend themselves against the Persians five thousand years ago [sic], people should stop saying that refugees can’t be turned away on the seas,” he said. “Europe has lost its will and ability to protect itself.”
  • Commissioner Tibor Navracsics is right that Brussels does not have the Soros Plan on its agenda, but the European Commission is the executor of the Soros Plan in that it is working on bringing as many migrants to Europe as possible;
  • The refugee crisis is like the Game of Thrones: there is an army of zombies that will swarm everything, and the only question here is whether we can team up to stop that from happening.