Esztergom maternity ward faces closure due to staff shortage

August 19, 2017

The maternity ward of the Vaszary Kolos hospital in Esztergom could face closure due to staff shortage if it does not find doctors soon, reports commercial television station RTL Klub.

A hidden camera video report showed two floors of the ward, including the emergency room, completely empty and the lights turned off. According to the RTL Klub report, two doctors recently resigned in the maternity ward, including its head doctor. A total of nine doctors reportedly work in the ward, only four of them full-time.

The National Healthcare Services Center told RTL Klub that care would continue without interruption. But a call for doctors remains on the hospital’s website, “urgently seeking a department head physician in obstetrics”.

As we reported earlier, shortages of medical staff have become widespread in Hungary. Tamás Dénes, president of the Union of Specialists and Doctors in Residence, said doctors leaving Hungary for higher-paying jobs abroad remains a major problem. Even though the number of doctors emigrating has decreased, the shortage in Hungary paradoxically continues to grow, Dénes said.

“We mustn’t just deal with how many are going abroad, but with how many are staying at home and whether they are able to care for patients in these numbers,” he added.