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Et tu, Hollik?

MP for the co-ruling Christian Democratic People’s Party (KDNP) István Hollik has accused George Soros’ vast international network of tricking tens of thousands of people around the world, including Nobel laureates, into raising their voices against the Fidesz government’s controversial higher education law, Lex CEU. He has even accused Soros of financing politicians in Brussels to spread lies about Hungary.

But Hollik has forgotten to mention one thing about Soros’ money: it was used to make a donation to a foundation set up by Hollik’s mother in the 1990s.

His mother, Annamária Rendessy, set up a foundation in 1995 to offer hospice care and mental health services. According to Magyar Nemzet, the foundation, Pax Corporis Alapítvány, received a grant of HUF 50,000 from the Soros Foundation in 1998.

Magyar Nemzet reached out to Hollik regarding the donation. He responded: “It is possible that the Soros network gave 50,000 forint for a charitable cause 19 years ago, but today [Soros] is paying more than 1 billion forint a year to support those who support illegal immigration and who constantly report on Hungary in international forums.”

Hollik is a relatively new player in the national political arena. He joined the Ministry of Human Resources in 2012, before being elected to parliament on the KDNP party list in 2014.

Benjamin Novak :