EU to investigate Felcsút small rail project

May 16, 2015

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Sources in Brussels have confirmed to Hungarian news outlet Figyelő they are looking into how EU funds are being used in the prime minister’s hometown of Felcsút.  Like the construction of the soccer stadium, the construction of a narrow-gauge railway there also seems excessive.

The Budapest Beacon wrote earlier this week that the Hungarian government plans to spend EUR 2 million on the project, largely at EU expense.

The small rail project leaves many wondering who would even use the train.  Considering neither the Felcsút stadium nor the Alcsút Arboretum draw crowds of people, Brussels apparently does not understand why the project’s planners think some 7,500 travelers would use the narrow-gauge railroad each and every day.

Despite the government green-lighting the project, the contract has yet to be signed. That hasn’t stopped sources in Brussels from telling that they are already investigating.

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