Eximbank lends Vajna EUR 21 million to purchase TV2

December 15, 2015

andy vajna - 01-FDA

Hungarian news site Valasz.hu reports that government film commissioner and Hungarian casino owner Andy Vajna’s company Magyar Broadcasting Co. Kft. did indeed receive a EUR 21 million loan from Hungary’s Import-Export bank (Eximbank) to help acquire television broadcaster TV2.

According to Valasz.hu, Eximbank and Vajna’s company signed the loan papers on November 27th. The information is public because in order to register the mortgage, the loan contract had to be supplied to the Budapest court.

The government has spent the better part of a month denying that any public funds were used by Vajna to finance his company’s purchase of TV2.

Eximbank, which is funded with public funds, is technically supposed to be providing financing opportunities for Hungarian businesses trying to expand into the international market.  Neither Vajna’s film company nor his media company export anything.