Facebook group reports violent abuse of refugees by Hungarian border police

August 27, 2016


The following two posts appeared on Refugee Athem’s Facebook page yesterday and today.


With a heavy heart and a deepening anger we have to report that several of our friends have been seriously injured at the hungarian border.. a group of 20 people attempted to cross the border two days ago. They were violently attacked by dogs after they had already been found by the police. In this group there was 5 or more children, ages 13-15. This is not only a showing the dispicable nature of the border pushbacks, but blatant agression towards refugees and let us never forget that THESE ARE ILLEGAL ACTS BEING COMMITED BY THE HUNGARIAN POLICE.

Time and time again we see these injuries, this proof of illegal acts against refugees. This is COMMON knowledge in belgrade, serbia. EVERY ngo, volunteer, group knows, but yet it still continues..this is a post to ENCOURAGE ACTION AND STOP THIS SYSTEMATIC ABUSE.

These were not just refugees in a park. These are our friends who we sat and talked with every day. we played cards, taught english and pashto, exchanged stories about our families, laughed at each other’s ‘funny accents’. They let us into their most private moments. The long cold nights in the rain, the tears, their fear of the border..of the police.. the dogs.. and the fear of never seeing their families again.

This makes us more sure than ever that we must fight for these people who the rest of the world is ignoring.

I urge you to SHARE this post…and tag/hash tag any news paper, reporter and humans right group that you can think of until the media and governmental bodies can no longer ignore the overwhelming proof.

The madness is continuing.. this is now the second report of extreme violence and lack of regard for human rights/life in 3 days we have received from our friends in belgrade, serbia.

The violent nature and systematic beatings/torture of refugees fleeing war..a large majority of which are children has left us utterly shocked. THESE ARE ILLEGAL ACTS BEING COMMITED BY THE HUNGARIAN POLICE.

Today we spoke to a man who had attempted to cross the hungarian border, been biten after giving himself and his group (including 3 children) up to the border patrol and hospitalized for 2 days. This was his 5th time trying to pass the hungarian border to get to a safe country to claim asylum. He is always cracking jokes about his situation, saying the sun has turned him to “burnt bread” on his journey. There were no jokes told today. Only the horrors, and a question he asked us several times, seeming to forget we have nothing to do with policies implemented by hungarian politicians.

“I already surrendered.. why send dogs?”

I urge you to HELP us bring this to the publics eye.. we will no longer stand by while innocent men and children get attacked!! EVERY PERSON/NGO/VOLUNTEER WHO WORKS HERE IN BELGRADE SEES THIS EVERY DAY!

SHARE THIS POST to help us reach those who can expose this VIOLENT ABUSE. tag ANY reporter, politician, humans right group, or person who can bring this to the media’s attention!!