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Facebook group urges people, businesses to set up warm clothing distribution points

Answering the call to make sure winter clothing is distributed to the homeless and needy, more and more places are putting out coat racks where anyone can leave or take a coat or other warm clothes.  Daily online 444.hu writes that 89 such coat racks can be found in various locations around Budapest.  However, according to the organizer’s Facebook page, as of the afternoon of January 8 some 157 distribution points had sprung up Hungarywide.

The point of the charitable action organized on Facebook is for as many coats as possible to be made available in as many locations as possible to ensure that “nobody freezes around them”.

“I saw a photograph of a clothing retailer in front of whose entrance stood a clothing stand on which was written ‘If you’re cold, take a coat.  If you want to help, leave one here’.  I really liked that and I thought we should create a movement out of this,” writes the organizer on her Facebook page.

They ask that anyone possessing a surplus coat rack put it out in front of their workplace or home, especially in larger, busier squares and underpasses.  In addition to coats, they encourage people to leave gloves, long underwear and warm trousers.

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