Fact finding committee to investigate alleged US spying

November 6, 2013


Fidesz Communications Director Dr. Mate Kocsis held an unscheduled press conference yesterday to announce that Prime Minister Viktor Orban had sent a letter to the heads of the political factions in parliament inviting them to attend a consultation on the subject of alleged mobile telephone monitoring activities by the United States government.

Kocsis’ announcement took place after the Parliament Committee on National Security, of which Kocsis is a member, met behind closed doors to discuss allegations that the United States government had been monitoring the communications of government officials.  The committee is chaired by MSZP member of parliament, Dr. Zsolt Molnar.

According to Kocsis once the consultations have taken place the Fidesz parliamentary faction will make recommendations concerning the creation of a Parliamentary fact-finding committee to investigate the matter.   Kocsis told members of the press that “information came up during the meeting that requires additional investigation since it appears that it was not only (the desire to obtain) information but attempts to exert influence that might have been behind the monitoring.”

On-line left wing daily nol.hu disputes Kocsis’ account of what took place behind closed doors yesterday.  According to its sources  only the theoretical possibilities were raised without any concrete instances or evidence being presented.

If true, then it is not clear what “information” Kocsis was referring to in his statement or what the basis for speculation about underlying motives could be.

Alleged US spying in the form of secretly monitored mobile phone communications in Europe was first reported by Wikileaks and later confirmed by former NSA contractor employee Edward Snowden.  According to Wikileaks Budapest served as a regional monitoring center for what is alleged to have been a joint NSA-CIA operation.

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