Faith Church founder Rev. Sándor Németh uses sermon to endorse Viktor Orbán and Fidesz

March 19, 2018

Faith Church founder Rev. Sándor Németh backs Orbán during Sunday service

With just 21 days to go until Hungary’s general election, on Sunday Faith Church (Hit Gyülekezete) chief pastor Sándor Németh used his pulpit to urge his followers to support Viktor Orbán and Fidesz in the April 8 general election. Like other state-recognized churches, the Faith Church, its institutions, as well as its television station (which was once considered Hungary’s last “opposition” television station) receive copious state funding.

Here’s what Németh said:

  • “It is very important that Hungary be a stable country, that there be no chaos, no anarchy. For the time being, it is very difficult for me to see what kind of team would be capable of governing if they win.”
  • “I am aware that there are problems with corruption in Hungary. I have experienced this my whole life. Anti-corruption propaganda always gets stronger right before the election. Things happen, and I think that the situation here looks a little better compared to what I see when I look east. But I have to say that during the campaign we must make a distinction between corruption propaganda and corruption.”
  • “I, at this time, do not see that corruption is worse now than it was in earlier years.”
  • If a new parliament is elected and “if it makes changes, those changes cannot be undone. For instance, if gay marriage is permitted, that cannot be undone. If Hungary caves to the Brussels, in a servile mode, if [Hungary] capitulates to the European Commission – and this is my problem with the opposition, that I do not see a strong character or leader capable of standing up against this incredibly strong international pressure –  people, we cannot undo that. There is no road back from there. Therefore, we can count on ten thousand migrants per year, which would cost HUF 100 billion. If they want to bring in 10 thousand [migrants] every year, that will cost at least HUF 400 billion in four years — and I still haven’t addressed family reunification and other additional costs. And I think this country cannot handle this. Hungary would be sentenced to vegetate through this. And we can’t change this once it happens.”
  • “Then, here we also have Christianity. We must defend Christianity because Marxism also caused great damage to Christianity, communism caused great damage to Christianity. Now, I’m referring to cultural Marxism, which is not the same as socialism. We lived under socialism, we know what damage it did to Christianity. I think that if they allow for the Islamization of Hungary, then Hungarian Christianity will never be able to stand up from that. That’s my opinion.”
  • “In my opinion, we cannot open these doors. If they open the doors in this area, then any kind of mass demonstration in the streets of Budapest – just remember what happened in Paris, when they protested against abortion, or did 2 or 3 million protest against gay marriage? It was against gay marriage. None of it matters. If they open the doors, any kind of mass demonstration on the street will not be able to change the trend. That is why the wise thing to do is to make sure the door is closed.”
  • “The door should not be opened to certain things.”
  • “Everyone should fight against corruption. You can go out and march, you can continue to protest after the election against what is factually corruption and not propaganda….And pressure must be applied on representatives, on [the government], to cleanse their circles and those around them. That can be fought against. But you can’t fight against the previous three things. No one will fight against that. We see the trap that western European countries have fallen into. Only one thing is possible, to exit from the death-grip of Brussels, just as the English did. But Hungary is not England. We do not have the expansive international relations that would allow for Hungary to compensate for a Hungarian exit. But God knows! May His perfect will happen!”
  • “I’ll say one more thing. Would you like for anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism, and hate of Christians to grow in Hungary? With statistical data you can prove that all this grows where pro-migrant politics have happened in recent years. This isn’t about people. It is about Hungary. It’s about you. It’s about our lives.”
  • “This isn’t about politics, it’s about wisdom. This isn’t politics. This is wisdom. You must decide wisely.”
  • “I have no problem with the candidates for prime minister, but Gyurcsány has already been prime minister — everyone should know what he is and is not capable of. Mr Karácsony has not yet been tested on this level. In this situation, I think that he does not have the power. Mr Gábor Vona is still floating around on the sea like Odysseus. We are waiting to see which island he will land at and then decide where he does or does not belong. Until then, his floating around for me is unpredictable.”
  • “One more thing. There is no such thing in the world that one can vote optimally in a parliamentary election. Do you think that American Christians didn’t have reservations, etc.? But, assessing the situation and opportunities, they reviewed, analyzed it, and this is what they thought the best decision was. And it appears they chose properly.”