Faith Church leader says Islam allied with European leftists and liberals

September 5, 2016


Rev. Sándor Németh, founder and head pastor of Hungary’s Faith Church (Hit Gyülekezet), claims there is “an alliance between Islam and the left-liberal side.”

Németh, whose church indirectly owns part of opposition news channel ATV, made this statement in support of the government’s xenophobic policies in an interview published by pro-government news website

According to Németh, “Europe is being conquered [by Islam]. In Western Europe, there are islands of the modern caliphate. Newspapers are referring to these as ‘no-go zones.’ They have succeeded in creating ethnic melting pots in which Moroccan, Afghan, Iraqi and Syrian immigrants who follow the teachings of Islam no longer consider their ethnic belonging to be important, instead it is their religious affiliation that will take precedence.”

He said “no-go zones” exist in the UK, France, Belgium, Germany and Sweden, and they have become recruiting grounds for the Islamic State.

According to Németh, there is a “very strong” movement within Islam which seeks to unite the Islamic world using the Koran and Sharia law, thereby releasing followers from the importance of their ethnic identity.

He linked this to globalization and a left-liberal plot to undermine the notion of national sovereignty.

“Unfortunately, there is a point at which globalization and the caliphate meet, because globalization [also] calls for the elimination of national identity, to hollow out and abandon the notion of national sovereignty. Of course, this may also be connected to the alliance that has developed between Islam and the left-liberal side. This has put us Christians in a situation where we had to rethink our political worldview,” Németh told Mandiner.

When asked whether this alliance between the Muslims and left-liberals is real or imagined, he said he is unaware of whether there exists an agreement per se; he only sees the “praxis” of this alliance.

Németh went on to offer a truly apocalyptic prophecy as to the impact of emergent Muslim left-wing voters.

“If we only consider Hungary, it would mean the end of our democracy. We believe in the separation of church and state, and this is alien to Islam.”

Németh’s statements are so in line with the government’s own propaganda that government spokesman Zoltán Kovács even shared excerpts on the government’s English language blog.