Families struggling to finance college educations in Hungary

October 13, 2013


According to the results of a recent survey made by Jobline, a Hungarian employment agency, many families cannot afford for their children to pursue higher education. Without a diploma it is nearly impossible to find a good paying job in Hungary.

The study reports that  44 per cent of jobs advertised in Hungary seek candidates with a degree in economics and trade or a technical field of some kind. This explains why one-third of students surveyed said they would like to study one or the other. Only 9 per cent expressed an interest in studying humanities and only 8% indicated they would like to study natural sciences.

Of those planning to pursue higher education in Hungary, three-quarters plan on being supported by their families for the duration of their studies.  84 per cent believed pursuing higher education would be financially burdensome for their families.  According to the study only 9% of families plan to finance their children’s university education from savings.

In Hungary one’s chances of getting into university are much greater in those cases where private lessons supplement secondary school education.  49 per cent of those responding said they sent their children to private tutors, including foreign language teachers.

Two-thirds of secondary school student parents surveyed responded that their children would like to pursue higher education.  Of these, half planned to apply only for places at university paid for in full by the government.  Drastic reductions in the number of full scholarships puts higher education out of reach to all but the very brightest and academically accomplished children of poor families.

Parents were especially pessimistic about their children’s prospects for employment: 67 per cent believe their children would have a hard time finding a job in Hungary.

According to the report those with university diplomas that succeed in finding jobs can expect to earn roughly 40 per cent more each month (HUF 142,000) than those with only high school degrees (net HUF 93,000).

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