Father of András Fekete-Győr dismissed from state-supervised institution

January 9, 2018

Photo: OBA

The father of Momentum chairman András Fekete-Győr has been dismissed before his contract expired, reports 444.hu.

Fekete-Győr Sr. has lost his position as executive director of the National Deposit Insurance Fund of Hungary (OBA) as of January. He was the deputy executive director of OBA from its establishment in 1993 until 2010 when he was appointed executive director for five years. His appointment was renewed in 2015 for another five years, that is, until 2020 when Fekete-Győr reaches retirement age.

Fekete-Győr is succeeded by András Kómár. A board member since 2017, Kómár earlier worked in several work groups and committees of the European Banking Authority (EBA) and the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) as the delegate of the Hungarian National Bank (MNB).

The decision was made by the board of OBA which includes undersecretary with the Ministry for National Development Ágnes Horung, National Bank of Hungary Deputy Governor László Windisch and Secretary General of the Hungarian Banking Association Levente Kovács.

444.hu contacted András Fekete-Győr Jr., but the Momentum chairman declined to comment on the development. In an interview with the news site last January, Fekete-Győr Jr. stated that if his father ever became the subject of attacks as a result of his son’s involvement in politics, it would show yet again that in the current political system it is not performance that matters in advancement.

Although the exact reasons for Fekete-Győr’s dismissal are unknown, the fact that the father of an opposition politician has been dismissed from his job at a state-supervised institution in the run-up to the national election is likely to raise eyebrows, especially in the wake of the State Audit Office’s unprecedented decision to fine most of the political opposition for supposedly accepting banned political contributions.