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Felcsuti quits Together 2014

“Disappointed” over failure to put “personal ambitions” aside

Former Raiffeisen Bank CEO and Hungarian Banking Association President Peter Felcsuti stunned government and opposition observers alike this morning with his announcement over the course of a televised interview with ATV’s Egon Ronai that he had left Together 2014 in August after  talks with former prime minister Ferenc Gyurcsany’s Democratic Coalition (DK) collapsed.

Felcsuti said he agreed with Gyurcsany on the importance of opposition parties putting aside their differences and forming a united front capable of unseating the current government in the next election.  He blames the personal ambitions of certain opposition leaders for their parties’ inability to form a wider coalition capable of defeating Fidesz-KDNP in next year’s parliamentary elections.

A career banker with no prior political experience, Felcsuti joined former prime minister Gordon Bajnai’s Together 2014 “on his own initiative” last year as a technical expert, feeling a “moral obligation” to contribute to the removal of the current government.   Felcsuti had been widely tipped to be Together 2014’s nominee for Minister of Finance and was a frequent guest on talk shows.

He agreed that the rally for center and left-wing opposition parties organized for October 23rd was a step in the right direction. “I would like to see a coming together of the political opposition in which every respectable opposition politician participates and agrees that replacing the current government is the highest priority.”

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