Fidelitas launches campaign to name and shame “left-wing provocateurs”

March 18, 2015

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In response to the heckling of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s speech on Sunday, Fidelitas president László Böröcz and vice-president Zsófia Koncz announced the launch of a “left=wing political provocateur watch team” to collect and post the names and photographs of “known left-wing provocateurs”.

Standing side by side at separate podiums proclaiming “Hungary is doing better”, the two Fidesz youth movement leaders delivered carefully scripted speeches accusing the “left-wing” political opposition of deliberately disrupting official March 15 celebrations.

In an obvious attempt to discredit the organizers and participants of numerous anti-government demonstrations taking place over the past six months, Koncz claimed that “this is not the first time that disturbers of the peace claiming to be civilian turn out to be party activists, as in the case of those who attacked (Fidesz) party headquarters.”

Claiming that “everyone has the right to know who the left-wing provocateurs are who want to disrupt the events of others”,  Koncz accused individuals claiming to be civilians of being “left-wing party activists” wishing to “destroy the peaceful celebration of many tens of thousands of families” with their shouting and “aggressive behavior which turned violent.”

The two Fidesz youth leaders went on to “name and shame” as “provocateurs” Nikoletta  Henrietta Antal and Gábor Szabó, identifying the former as a MSZP candidate for Budapest District 3 city council in last year’s municipal elections, and the latter as a “DK activist” (Democratic Coalition) from the same district.

Böröcz announced that Fidelitas had established a “provocateur watch group” and was launching a Facebook-like directory of known left-wing provocateurs.  He then issued an appeal to Fidesz supporters to send the names and photographs of suspects to

In anticipation of criticism from civil rights defenders, Böröcz noted that “knowledge expanding and familiarity distributing” services were “nothing new” because “similar means” had been employed by independent media outlets,, and

Together’s Y-Gen and Dialogue for Hungary’s (PM) youth organizations reportedly responded to the announcement by filing complaints with the police.

On Tuesday evening independent MP Ágnes Vadai (DK) told ATV “the young Fidesz group is extending a helping hand to its government by setting up its own ÁVH in hopes of providing a service”, and that the Putin-esque use of power in Hungary had just reached a whole new level.

The ÁVH, or State Protection Agency, was Hungary’s secret police force between 1945 and 1956 whose excesses were largely responsible for triggering the 1956 Uprising in Hungary against its Soviet occupiers.

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