Fidesz calls off planned counter-protest

October 27, 2014


Fidesz is discouraging Peace March organizers from staging a pro-government demonstration for fear it might “send the wrong message” to US government officials about the intentions of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s government, unnamed high-ranking state sources informed on Monday afternoon. According to them, Fidesz caucus leader Antal Rogán persuaded the organizers of a subsequent “Peace March” not to hold their event. The party officials said the planned internet tax had “angered an entire generation of young people, previously not forming an opinion about government politics” and that it is not planned to confront them with pro-government hardliners.

Reacting to yesterday’s protest Fidesz loyalist editor-in-chief of Demokrata magazine, András Bencsik, accused the US of inciting protests in Hungary using both “football hooligans and liberals, just like in the case of the Kiyv Maidan”. Bencsik said a threat for Fidesz is a threat for the entire Hungarian nation from abroad, and called for a counter-protest, called Peace March. Peace marches have been organized by pro-Fidesz journalists and intellectuals since January 2012. They founded the movement to show superior numbers and power against what was the first major anti-Fidesz protest, in front of the Opera House on January 2, 2012.

Bencsik wrote a Facebook post on Sunday evening featuring a picture of the US Chargé d’Affaires participating in the march. Based on this photo, Bencsik argued that “America is not our friend, and not even our ally: the United States is an empire, only looking after its own interests, and its only objective is to defend and enforce its leading role on planet Earth. […] it was not interested in helping Hungary during its 1956 Uprising, and after 1990 it supported the post-Communists instead of the real regime-changers. […] The American Empire is a virtual dimension founded on the omnipotence of the US dollar, that is endangered by the rapidly growing economic powers of the world, like China, Russia, Brazil, India etc. […] Concerning Hungary: the Orbán-government cannot ever be defeated due to its social embeddedness that is of great historical importance. This is why it could only be toppled using manipulation, and by raising tensions on the fringes of society, outside of the center of power. They have to influence fallible people to commit treason, and they foster a situation, that Viktor Orbán’s power will become unsustainable. A typical example of such attempts is the so-called “corruption scandal” broken out by the USA.”

The rightist activist called for a new Peace March as the only chance for Hungary to “make its passage to the new order of the world peacefully”.

In recent years Peace March organizers, and their civil organization Forum for Civil Unity (CÖF), were often criticized for receiving money from the government to organize pro-government protests whenever the political situation becomes less beneficial for the governing Fidesz party.

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