Fidesz condemns Helsinki Committee, George Soros over immigration

May 22, 2015

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At 10:35 am on 22 May 2014, Hungarian ruling party Fidesz issued the following statement:

Helsinki Bizottság should stop lying about immigrants!

The Helsinki Committee,  a pseudo civil organization which fulfills the political orders of international speculative capital (i.e. rich Jews -ed.), is even unabashedly trying to falsify black and white data.  Contrary to its lies, it is a fact that in 2014 four-fifths of asylum seekers, that is 35,000 people, did not arrive to Hungary from wariness, in other words they were economic immigrants.   As of May of this year 17.3 percent arrived from war-zones, that is, the majority of those crossing the border illegally were not political refugees. 

We call on the Helsinki Committee to stop lying and that at least in this one important and serious question it should not be preoccupied with stuffing its pockets with György Soros’s money!

Publisher: Fidesz Press Office