“Fidesz has painted itself into a corner” says political analyst Gábor Török

March 2, 2016

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No one can seriously believe that the wife of the mayor of Herceghalom can collect the 200,000 signatures necessary to initiative a referendum political analyst Gábor Török told ATV Tuesday night.  Speaking about the fiasco that took place at the National Election Office Tuesday morning when a group of twenty private security guards dressed submitted an referendum application on behalf of Mrs. László Erdős just four seconds before MSZP MP István Nyakó, the political analyst said it was perfectly obvious that this was an attempt on the part of Fidesz-KDNP to prevent a national referendum from being held on the subject of mandatory Sunday store closures.

He said the “hacking” of Hungarian democracy that took place on Tuesday resembled that of September 17th when football hooligans threw pavers at police and set the MTV headquarters on fire, and that it would be good to know who was behind it.  “Sooner or later the truth will be revealed.  It may take 70 years but it would be better if it happened 7 days later.”

He said the incident, which was widely covered by the Hungarian press, would help resurrect what little remains of the Hungarian Social Party’s network, that the role of “sacrificial lamb” worked to the socialists advantage, and that Fidesz was “cutting the limb from under itself.”

The expert said that Fidesz was committing suicide should it turn out the governing party had anything to do with Tuesday’s events (as many suspect is the case-ed.).  On the subject of the defeat of the Fidesz candidate in Sunday’s by-election in Salgótarján, the political analyst said he was surprised by the victory of the joint MSZP-DK candidate because national polls clearly showed Fidesz leading over other parties.

He said the behavior of non-Fidesz voters was much stronger than before, and that it was overriding their party preference.  He pointed out that in 2014 municipal election the Jobbik candidate for mayor received 12 percent of the vote, but that this time he had only received 5 percent.  Török believes that a number of Jobbik supporters voted for the candidate with a greater likelihood of defeating the Fidesz candidate, a phenomena he said could pose a threat to Fidesz in future elections, although he dismissed the possibility of DK and Jobbik running joint candidates.

He said the key issues was what would happen with the migrant question, because Fidesz was putting everything on it.

The political analyst said that political parties generally peddle two things, hope and fear, and that it was the latter that had worked for Fidesz in 2015.  He said the governing party has no choice but to continue the strategy of fear.   He said the speech delivered by Viktor Orbán to party faithful last Friday reminded him of an episode of “Walking Dead” and that one could almost begin to start looking for zombies.  He said that by claiming it was protecting Hungary from migrants, Fidesz had painted itself into a corner, and that if the migrants end up coming anyway, it will clearly be seen as the fault of the governing party.

Török said that if the threat about which the prime minister spoke actually exists, then it does not matter what the situation is with regard to education or public healthcare.  However, if the voters do not sense the threat posed by migrants, then it will begin to ask what is happening at home.