Fidesz-KDNP again boycotts parliament’s national security committee meeting

March 29, 2018

Fidesz–KDNP again boycotts parliament's national security committee meeting 1
Bernadett Szél (LMP) arrives to the national security committee. | Photo: MTI/Zsolt Szigetváry

Fidesz-KDNP has again boycotted parliament’s national security committee meeting. This is the fourth time the committee has not made quorum. Fidesz’s Szilárd Németh, the committee deputy chair, has boycotted the meetings on grounds that he believes Politics Can Be Different (LMP) committee member Bernadett Szél to be an agent of financier George Soros.

Why does this matter?

By boycotting the meetings, Fidesz is obstructing parliamentary oversight of Hungary’s clandestine services.

Why is this a big deal right now?

With Hungary’s general election just 10 days away, several emerging scandals with national security implications have come to light. These scandals, which are quite significant, have the potential to seriously undermine Fidesz’s campaign. By preventing the parliamentary committee on national security from meeting, it precludes the political opposition from making “political hay” of the various scandals, even as it introduces an alternative narrative — one questioning the patriotism of LMP co-chair and candidate for prime minister Szél.

What are these scandals?

and more.

LMP’s Szél has promised to file a complaint against Speaker of the National Assembly László Köver for failing to ensure the operation of parliament by not compelling Fidesz-KDNP MPs to attend the meetings.

“Enough of this clowning around, they are fleeing cowards! Cowardice, Fidesz is thy name!” Szél said.