Fidesz-KDNP MPs voted down PM proposal to supply hot meals to children over winter break

January 13, 2015


Some 700,000 Hungarian children live in poverty.  For many school is the only place they eat a hot meal.  For some school is the only place they eat, period.

In December Dialogue for Hungary (PM) member of parliament Timea Szabó proposed that HUF 3 billion (USD 11.2 million) be allocated from the Parliamentary and Country Defense Fund to provide one hot meal a day to hungry children during the 16-day winter break.

The proposal never made it to the floor of parliament.  On December 15 it was voted down in the Parliamentary Budgetary committee by the following Fidesz and Christian Democratic People’s Party (KDNP) representatives:

– Dr. Lajos Szűcs (Fidesz), committee vice-chair
– Dr. Attila Tilki (Fidesz), committee vice-chair
– Dr. János Hargitai (KDNP), committee vice-chair
– István Boldog (Fidesz)
– Attila Szabolcs (Fidesz)
– Gyula Vantara (Fidesz)
– Mihály Witzmann (Fidesz)

An avid proponent of school canteens continuing to operate during school breaks, Szabó had the following to say:

“Each of the heartless Fidesz-KDNP puppets should be ashamed of himself.  For them there is certain to be Gucci bags and gold watches under the Christmas tree, even as there was no hot food on the Christmas dinner table for hundreds of thousands of children.  There are no words for such evil”.


Szabó was referred to the fact that a number of Fidesz MPs have been photographed carrying Gucci bags and/or wearing expensive watches, including Antal Rogán (left), the head of the Fidesz parliamentary delegation, and János Lázár (right), who, in addition to being a member of parliament, heads the Office of the Prime Minister.

Szabó has announced that she will submit a new proposal in February to eliminate child hunger in Hungary.