Fidesz mayor to be disciplined for anti-Jewish, anti-Gypsy comments

October 21, 2014


The Fidesz-KDNP mayor of Kecel, Ferenc Haszilló, may be kicked out of the Fidesz party for comments made in 2012 that have recently come to light.

In the recording of comments made to local television staff in February 2012 in the presence of a live microphone, the mayor said that he has had enough of gypsies, Jews, and the “aging Viktor Orbán” who, in his opinion,“needed to be set straight” on some matters.  The recording also feature’s the mayor’s voice saying that some liberal politicians should be shot in the base of the skull.

The recording was allegedly found on the computer of a former employee of the local television station.  The employee, who asked to remain anonymous, reportedly told MTI “(t)he only reason someone would have leaked the recording now, after the elections, is to create scandal, derision and mudslinging.  And perhaps it did not occur to him the damage it would cause the city and us, the affected.  We knew about the recording, but it wasn’t a good feeling to read it today because we were certain it would never be made public.”

The recording includes the following excerpts:

The people are going abroad.  If I wasn’t mayor I would go to Switzerland to play piano.  I would put my family in a car.  I speak English and my wife German.  Within three months of leaving I would be earning two thousand Swiss francs monthly and an additional HUF 100,000 from renting out real estate at home. … Roughly HUF 2.2 million a month. … A lot of people don’t have children, but these assholes have four or five.   These pieces of shit grow up in piss, dumb as animals, and they come here asking for wood.  I would like to kick them in the mouths.  Yes, Jobbik is right in this.  Here you may cut in a picture of me made with (Jobbik leader) Gábor Vona and with (Fidesz MP) Gergely Farkas.  Then Fidesz would take my head off for what I’m doing …

Orbán does not know what to do.  He can’t do more because the same Jews are there too.  Whoever was a member of the (Hungarian workers’) party should not be allowed in parliament …

I’m a right wing person, a nationalist.  They should go to hell. … Not a half but three-quarters of Fidesz should be taken away!”

The local parson reportedly banned Hasziló from church last February after the local newspaper and television were forced to close.