Fidesz mayors required to attend “municipal basic trainings”

September 8, 2017

Váci út 152-156., Láng Gépgyár, vegyipari szerelőcsarnok, munkásőr rendezvény.
Worker’s militia gathering in 1977. Photo: Fortepan/Angyaföld Local History Collection

Fidesz party leadership will require all Fidesz mayors across Hungary to take part in a training program so that they may better assist in the “success of next year’s elections”, reports Magyar Nemzet.

In a letter obtained by Magyar Nemzet, Fidesz informs the mayors that “completion of municipal basic training in 2017 will be obligatory for all mayors and one of their main colleagues, as per a decision made by Fidesz’s board”, if the mayors wish to “continue to act as a member of our political community”. The purpose of the training, according to the letter, is for the mayors to “help the success of next year’s elections by obtaining comprehensive practical knowledge”.

The trainings, which will be held in an adult educational center in the village of Lakitelek, near Kecskemét, will be organized by Fidesz’s party foundation, the Foundation for a Civil Hungary (Polgári Magyarországért Alapitvány). The mayors may attend the two-day-long trainings between September and December and, as the letter instructs, “only through active and complete participation in the entire program can the training be completed”.

The mayors will stay in two- and three-bed rooms near the conference hall where the trainings will be held, and will have the opportunity to engage in sports activities such as soccer and weight training. A billiards table and sauna will also be available.

While Fidesz’s party foundation will cover the costs of the trainings, the mayors will be required to make personal contributions to the foundation of the adult educational center in Lakitelek. Mayors of towns of fewer than 10,000 people must contribute HUF 5,000, while mayors of larger towns must contribute HUF 10,000.