Fidesz mayor’s xenophobic Facebook post backfires spectacularly

August 5, 2015


Former Fidesz MP and current Budapest District 8 mayor Máté Kocsis took to Facebook yesterday to express his dissatisfaction at the asylum seekers occupying the district’s János Pál II. square, and received a proverbial good black-eye for his efforts!

The asylum seekers, he writes, “erect tents, light fires in the park, litter, commit theft, use knives, and damage property”.

So outraged is Kocsis, who also serves as Fidesz’s director of communications, that he has called on public safety and law enforcement officers to join the district in “keeping an eye on the asylum seekers”.

He has asked the local neighborhood watch to increase their presence in the area.

“We are going to protect the public’s assets and we will use every legal tool to guarantee the safety of residents,” Kocsis writes.
Asylum seekers resting in Budapest District 8's János Pál's park.
Asylum seekers gathered in Budapest District 8’s János Pál’s park.

Kocsis may have thought his tough-guy attitude toward asylum seekers would help him win over some of Hungary’s more extreme voters. Despite his intentions, the mayor (and his followers) were no doubt caught off guard by the amount of feedback left by other residents of the district who complained that the city wasn’t doing enough to help the asylum seekers.

One commenter told Kocsis to be ashamed of himself for demonizing them.

“Where did [the asylum seekers] light fires? The trash has been collected and is in bags next to the trash cans….Maybe the trash should be collected and removed,” writes the commenter.

“Máté Kocsis, I would never wish for you to have to flee your homeland. I certainly wouldn’t wish for you to have to seek asylum in a place led by politicians such as yourself,” writes another commenter.

“Maybe there’s need for more than just police, for example, porto potties, etc. Criminalizing migrants is not a solution, it’s only demagoguery. The [migrants] didn’t start camping out just now, but we still haven’t seen any real solution for them.”

The commenter calls on the government to step up its efforts and provide portable toilets.

One commenter goes after Kocsis for putting an end to the district’s needle-exchange program, another cause of pollution in the area.

“Dear Máté Kocsis! I’m not sure you’ve ever been to the 8th District’s Molnár Ferenc Square…I suggest you look around there in the coming days because it’s full of trash left by Hungarian drug users, Hungarian shit, syringes left behind by Hungarian drug users, and all of that festers there all day and night. The evening breeze that would otherwise serve as a relief to the area blows the smell of drugs being cooked right in through the window if it is left open. That’s no joke. One’s life is at risk just crossing through the park. I repeat, we are talking HUNGARIAN drug addicts…It would be nice if you could concentrate on that too, but I think you don’t care too much about it because it doesn’t give you an opportunity to politically stir the shit. Well, you did stir the shit by stopping the needle exchange program. Now needles are being exchanged by drug users simply throwing them in the park. Thanks.”

A Kocsis supporter defended the bloodied Fidesz mayor’s words by writing:

“We ask the God of the Magyars to punish all those politicians who support this migration into our homeland! We ask that fate punish these politicians and their families for all of eternity as well as those who help and actively support those who migrate onto our Magyar homeland! Amen!”