Hungarian MEP György Schöpflin suggests putting pig heads on border fence

August 22, 2016

György Schöpflin is representing Fidesz in the European Parliament

A Hungarian Member of the European Parliament proposed putting dismembered pig heads on Hungary’s border fences to deter refugees from trying to enter the country, writes Reuters.

On Monday, Fidesz MEP György Schöpflin reacted to images on social media showing creepy scarecrows made of sugar cane installed to keep refugees away from the Hungarian border

According to Hungarian news website, the MEP for the Christian Democratic European People’s  Party tweeted: “Human images are haram… pig’s head would deter more effectively.”

The MEP’s suggestion prompted anger online and the story has been picked up by British daily paper The Independent.

The paper also quoted Andrew Stroehlein from Human Rights Watch who reacted to Schöpflin’s tweet.

“Your words are disgusting,” Stroehlein said. “I would expect that from anonymous neo-Nazi trolls but you’re an MEP. Act like one.”

In return, Schöpflin said criticisms of him were “beginning to resemble hate speech” and refused to apologize.

Last week, photos started circulating on social media, showing creepy scarecrows on the Hungarian border fence to keep mostly Muslim refugees away. The pictures were uploaded onto the Facebook page of a group that supports Hungary’s police and troops, especially those patrolling the border.

The account posting the images said the masks were made in part out of carved sugarbeet root and that no migrants had reportedly crossed in the areas where the scarecrows have been installed over the past month.

The photos have divided Hungarian society. Followers of the page and supporters of police and army think such measures should be allowed to deter migrants. Others think the scary heads are inhumane.

“I have no words. We (Hungarians) are better than this,” wrote one Facebook user.