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Fidesz MP posts photo of dead pig, “This was [George] Soros”

Source: Facebook/@pocsjanos.jaszsag

On Friday, Fidesz MP János Pócs posted a picture depicting a slaughtered pig, on whose charred body the following text was written in metallic ink: “This was [George] Soros.”

The text under the picture reads: “The [residents of] Jászivány sent us this picture that was taken in their Transylvanian sister city. There’s one less pig there now…:) Enjoy your meal!”

“This is a shocking attack against George Soros by a Fidesz member of the Hungarian Parliament,” said the Open Society Foundations in a statement released hours after the photo was posted. “The photo Mr Pócs decided to publish is in a long and dark tradition of anti-Semitic imagery dating back to the Middle-Ages. It is another example of officially accepted anti-Semitism in Viktor Orban’s Hungary.”

Earlier this week, another Fidesz politician compared George Soros to Hitler and Stalin, and suggested that the Hungarian-American businessman/philanthropist may be responsible for as many deaths as Stalin. He made the statements in response to  Soros being nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize by five professors from a Hungarian theological college.

On Thursday, the European Commission announced it was filing lawsuits against the government of Hungary in the EU Court of Justice on grounds that Hungary’s Lex CEU, NGO-stigmatizing bill, and the government’s treatment of asylum-seekers violate EU law.

In response, Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party spun the legal proceedings as a coordinated attack by Soros stooges in Brussels.

“Brussels, which is under the influence of the Soros empire, opened fire on Hungary,” Fidesz wrote in a statement released after the Court of Justice cases were announced. “The legal proceedings are open political blackmail and tools to apply pressure on Hungary. The Brussels Commission attacked Hungary today in three areas, all of which serve George Soros’ interests.”

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