Fidesz MP Roland Mengyi indicted for conspiracy to commit budgetary fraud

April 26, 2017

Fidesz MP Roland Mengyi has been implicated in a bribery scandal involving EU social funds.

Fidesz MP Roland Mengyi has been indicted for attempting to defraud Hungarian and European taxpayers of USD 1.7 million.

Prosecutors formally accused Mengyi and six accomplices of criminal conspiracy to defraud the budget in a manner that causes especially great material damage. Mengyi is accused of agreeing to cooperate in the preparation of tenders in exchange for receiving part of the money.

In a statement issued by the Central Investigative Head Prosecutor’s Office, Imre Keresztes writes:

“Roland Mengyi informed his associates at one of the meetings that they have to pay HUF 5 million (USD 17,000) to the decision makers in order for the tender to be issued and another HUF 5 million at the time it is announced. The affected parties collected the first installment of HUF 5 million which they sent to Mengyi’s friend. The accused submitted the application with the goal of obtaining the full amount for which they could apply for their own use. We established that the accused did not intend to use the money in a suitable manner to the goals of the tender, but only in such activity necessary to prevent the fraud from being exposed.”

According to prosecutors, the accused attempted to obtain HUF 500 million (USD 1.7 million) worth of budgetary support. However, the application “was rejected for failing to fulfill conditions for acceptance and because of formal mistakes.” For this reason, the material damage did not occur.

Keresztes writes that Mengyi could be sentenced to between 5 and 15 years in prison for his role in the alleged scheme.