Fidesz politician compares George Soros to Hitler, Stalin

December 5, 2017

Surprise! Fidesz politician compares George Soros to Hitler and Stalin
Attila Ábel (C) | Photo: Facebook/Ábel Attila

Csepel deputy mayor Attila Ábel is not known for mincing words. Magyar Nemzet reports the Fidesz politician recently posted a picture on his Facebook page depicting George Soros as a puppet master. The accompanying text was a response to Soros being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by five professors from a theological college in Hungary, and included some rambling text about the American-Hungarian financier and philanthropist being the destroyer of nations and people.

Ábel then posted a comment to his own picture, apparently not in response to anyone in particular (we checked the post), where he wrote:

  • “Few people are aware that Adolf Hitler was nominated for the award and he nearly won it.)”

He then made another comment:

  • “Adolf Hitler, Stalin and Soros share a very strong trait: they all imposed, impose their own system on others without asking them.”

One commenter responded that the comparison was too extreme and Hitler murdered many people, to which the Fidesz politician responded:

  • “Stalin killed many more people. Doesn’t that count? It’s possible that Soros easily has as many victims. The world is not addressing what it should be [addressing]. Africa and Asia’s problems cannot be resolved in Europe.”