Fidesz politician uses food distribution program to canvass poor households

December 4, 2017

Fidesz politician promoted to the poor through municipally-run food distribution program
Photo: RTL Klub

Fidesz politician István Bajkai is getting some shameless self-promotion in the run-up to the 2018 national election. A food distribution project run by Budapest’s District VI municipal government was caught distributing egg cartons to poor families bearing his name.

A recipient of the eggs, who asked to remain anonymous, told RTL Klub that each recipient received two boxes of eggs labelled  “István Bajkai, electoral district chairman for Terézváros.”

Bajkai is the deputy mayor of Budapest’s District VII, commonly referred to as “the party district” for its many nightlife attractions. Print weekly 168 Óra reported last week that Bajkai may run in the electoral district that encompasses Budapest’s VI and VII districts.

Magyar Nemzet reports that Bajkai – through the Bajkai Law Office – was the legal representative of Ráchel Orbán, daughter of the prime minister, and was part of a consortium of advisors that received billions in consulting fees from the government.

When RTL Klub contacted Bajkai, the Fidesz politician claimed to have purchased the eggs with his own money for charitable reasons and had no idea how they could have been distributed through a municipally-sponsored food distribution program.

Democratic Coalition (DK) spokesman Zsolt Gréczy told RTL Klub: “This is what you call buying votes. It is repugnant and disgusting. This needs to stop.”

According to, Bajkai’s profile is aggressively being pushed in Körúti Korzó, the local Fidesz print publication. According to the online daily, the latest edition has several lengthy, front-page articles containing a total of 14 photographs.