Fidesz: Record numbers responded to National Consultation

May 29, 2017

MTI Photo: Zsolt Szigetváry

More people responded to the most recent “National Consultation” than ever before, according to Fidesz communications director Balázs Hidvéghi who says 1.6 million questionnaires have been returned to the government so far after being mailed to some 8 million Hungarian citizens.

The deadline for returning the “Let’s Stop Brussels!” consultation was initially set for May 20, but was extended to May 31 based on a request lodged by Fidesz on May 16.

According to Fidesz, the participation rate proves that a majority of Hungarians support the government, and reject the misguided immigration policies of the EU.

“The Hungarian people do not want to flood the European Union with migrants, they don’t want to flood our homeland with them either, and they fear for the safety of their settlements, their villages, their cities, and for their own safety and that of their children,” Hidvéghi said.

The suggestion that a majority of Hungarians can be said to support the government’s positions vis-a-vis the consultation is curious, given that only some 20 percent of the consultations have been returned with only two days remaining until the extended deadline, and the responses have not yet been examined.

The six consultation questions have been criticized as misleading, and pollsters and political scientists have condemned previous national consultations as “political mobilization disguised as public opinion research.”

The European Commission issued a point-by-point rebuttal to each of the six questions, and the online questionnaire system has been shown to be wide open to abuse.