Fidesz: Soros is trying to convene the National Assembly

August 5, 2017

Fidesz has announced it will not participate in a proposed special session of the National Assembly this month, arguing that the Open Society Foundation’s George Soros is behind the call for the session, reports public news service Hiradó.

The Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) proposed the special session in mid-July, hoping to speed up modifications to Hungary’s law on higher education (Lex CEU), after the European Commission took further steps in an infringement proceeding against Hungary over the law affecting Central European University in Budapest. MSZP argued that if the law is not modified soon to comply with EU laws, the case will be forwarded to the European Court of Justice, which could result in heavy fines for the country. The session would be held on August 21.

But Fidesz declared in a statement Thursday that it would not participate in such a session, writing, “George Soros wants to call together [the National Assembly] using his local people” in order to “place the Soros university above the law.” The ruling party called the opposition parties “Soros’s puppets”, and claimed that “if it depended on them, they would just as soon take down the border fence and transit zones just for the sake of it, and accept the quotas so they could finally implement the ‘Soros-plan’.”

Fidesz was referring to a European Union “quota” plan whereby Member States would be required to relocate a certain number of asylum-seekers from overburdened countries and handle their asylum procedures. The EU requested Hungary accept less than 1,300 asylum-seekers as part of the program but Hungary has refused, and the Fidesz government has insisted Soros intends to import millions of migrants into Europe as part of a vast conspiracy.

Green party Politics Can Be Different (LMP) joined in MSZP’s call for a special session Thursday, with its co-chairman Ákos Hadházy declaring at a press conference that “there isn’t much time to prevent the killing of [CEU].” Hadházy added that the government did not want to negotiate on the issue of its controversial higher education law.

He said the session should be used to discuss the eviction of victims of Hungary’s foreign currency mortgage crisis. The MP said that last year set a record with more than 3,000 evictions and that 10,000 procedures for evictions had already been launched this year. Hadházy called for the indefinite extension of a moratorium on evictions.

MSZP vice-chair István Újhelyi insisted that Lex CEU is not only in violation of the EU’s charter on basic rights, but also contrary to “common sense and national interests.” Újhelyi said his party supports LMP’s proposition to negotiate on foreign currency mortgages at the special session.

The signature of 40 MPs is required to call a special session. The MSZP delegation provided 28 signatures and LMP five, with the remainder from other opposition party MPs.