Fidesz to back 13 legislative proposals to deal with refugee crisis

August 29, 2015

Gulyás Gergely

Viktor Orbán’s Fidesz party will support thirteen legislative proposals to deal with the country’s refugee crisis, said parliamentary delegation co-chair Gergely Gulyás at a press conference on Friday.

Included in the thirteen proposals are two cardinal laws requiring a two-thirds parliamentary majority in order to pass–one addressing the military and the other the police, reports Hungarian news site

The two cardinal laws are being proposed by Fidesz’s parliamentary fraction, while the remaining eleven are being proposed by the Fidesz-KDNP government.

Gulyás hopes parliament will adopt all the proposals during an extraordinary plenary session scheduled for next Friday. If adopted, he says the laws will come into force in mid-September.

While not elaborating on the details of each law, Gulyás did say they address the country’s criminal code, criminal proceedings, civil proceedings, the state border, agricultural law, asylum law, environmental protection, road fees, and building regulations.

Gulyás also mentioned the creation of a new legal term: “crisis situation resulting from mass immigration”.

He said the government will validate this term through a government decree. This will make it possible for the government to utilize special proceedings in connection with the proposals being submitted.

The government would construct transit zones on the Hungarian side of the Hungarian-Serbian border for asylum seekers arriving via Serbia,  Gulyás said. The zones will house the asylum seekers while their applications are being processed. He estimates such proceedings will only take a few days.

The government would also like to enhance the criminal code by introducing increased stricter rules against human trafficking. The criminal code will be expanded to include three new categories of criminal conduct: restricted border crossing, border fence vandalism, and obstruction of border fence construction.

In the event that asylum seekers are convicted of any of the aforementioned crimes, he or she will be deported, reports Hungarian news site