Fidesz to modify constitution yet again, says Kósa

December 14, 2015


Fidesz parliamentary fraction leader Lajos Kósa says Hungary’s ruling party may need to modify the Fundamental Law again. Kósa gave an interview to pro-government newspaper Magyar Idők over the weekend and said Hungary’s constitution needs to be modified again to help the government fight against the increased risk of terrorism.

He did not explain why Hungary was at an increased risk of terrorism, or the nature of the threat.

The Prime Minister’s chief security advisor, György Bakondi, agrees with Kósa. Bakondi appeared on state-run television broadcaster M1 and said the government currently lacks the ability to declare a state of emergency specifically tied to terrorism.

According to Bakondi, by being able to declare a terrorism-caused state of emergency, the government could empower the state’s security forces to employ “extraordinary measures” to combat the situation.

Neither Bakondi nor Kósa explained precisely what kind of modifications would be made to the Fundamental Law. However, both aluded to the government’s desire to increase the number of employees serving in the state’s law enforcement agencies and defense forces.

Hungary’s Fidesz-KDNP-dominated parliament adopted legislation over the summer which allows the state to expand the role of the Hungarian military in times of crisis to include certain policing and border control responsibilities.

The law resembles an earlier far-right Jobbik proposal that would have required a two-thirds majority in parliament. Jobbik’s proposal would have authorized the Hungarian defense forces to employ lethal force to protect the country’s borders in a designated state of emergency.