Fidesz VP Szilárd Németh: Only Orbán knows what reality is

March 24, 2017

In an interview published Thursday in Hungarian weekly magazine 168 óra, Fidesz vice-president Szilárd Németh shared a number of conspiracy theories, and said he wishes he could have grown up in containers like those in which asylum-seekers detained by Hungarian authorities are housed. The ranking Fidesz politician said only Prime Minister Viktor Orbán knows what reality is, accused Brussels of wanting to turn Hungary into a periphery colony, and that today’s liberals are like both Nazis and communists.

On the glorious leader’s vision of reality

Németh is known for periodically going on the record with publications and causing controversy with his provocative ranting. In the newest installment in the series of bizarre interviews, Németh claimed that “there is only one reality, and it is the reality that Viktor Orbán talks about, and then there is the fantasy that has been constructed by the liberal dictatorship over the past few decades.”

Hungary plays by the rules

Németh rejected the hundreds of reports from human rights NGOs, Doctors Without Borders, and international media that Hungarian law enforcement officers are beating up asylum-seekers at the border, and called the claims “lies.” He insisted that Hungary strictly abides by international rules.

Liberal virtual reality

“The liberals have constructed a virtual reality because they have a brutal amount of money, economic interests, and power behind them. They want to use all this to influence Europe,” he said.

Fidesz isn’t scapegoating when it talks about Soros

“Where’s the money coming from? Mr George (Soros), no? He’s got a lot of businesses and his calculations always pay off. If he wants to, he’ll crash the Forint and have absolutely no problems. Who is protecting him? How is this system constructed?” Németh pondered.

Németh rejected any notion by political analysts that Fidesz is only attacking George Soros because the party needs a scapegoat.

“Those are Soros’ analysts. The attic is full of them. Forget about them,” he said.

Németh on history

“We are showing the real reality. This demon named Soros is not painted on the wall, it lives here among us in our everyday lives. Ever since the transition, many worked to build his world so that we can go from one dictatorship to the next. We thought we would have a free country. On numerous occasions we saved Europe from the Turks, the Tatars, and now we are doing the same with Schengen,” Németh said, providing a unique interpretation of the Mongol and Ottoman invasions of Hungary.

EU wants to turn Hungary into a periphery colony

Németh believes the European Union “does not want Hungarian businesses to be competitive on the European level.”

“It’s much better for them if we remain on the periphery of this colony. I grew up on the periphery, I know what that’s like. There’s an outhouse and an outdoor kitchen. They aren’t nice people working in Brussels, there are hard wars being fought there. Everything is about money and power, just like in the bar,” Németh said, before referring to this scene from a Bud Spencer and Terence Hill movie.

On the opposition

According to Németh, Fidesz does not have to defend itself from the opposition because “[the opposition] can’t be trusted, they only want power, and they don’t talk about what needs to be done for the country.”

Regarding the Momentum Movement, Németh said the youth movement is not a ploy by Fidesz to further divide the opposition. He accuses the movement of being supported by the former elite of the Hungarian Socialist Party and Alliance of Free Democrats.


Németh closes the interview by saying that today’s liberals are just as bad as the Nazis and communists were, and that liberals even form alliances with the Nazis and communists.