Fidesz wins Paks mayoral by-election

September 11, 2017

Photo: Facebook/Szabó Péter

Fidesz-Christian Democratic People’s Party (KDNP)-Paks Local Patriots’ Association (Paksi Lokálpatrióták) joint candidate Péter Szabó (pictured) won 68% of the vote in Sunday’s mayoral by-election in the southern Hungarian city of Paks. Only 31 percent of eligible voters participated, reports

Szabó, a 43-year-old teacher, has been the city’s full-time vice-mayor for the past one and a half years. At a by-election in May this year, he won election to the city council in Paks District 7.

The new mayor received 3423 votes to Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) candidate Árpád Mezősi’s 1423. The other two candidates received significantly fewer votes. Magyar Környezetvédők Pártja (Hungarian Environmentalists Party) candidate Zoltán Medveczki got 111 votes, and 52 voted for Magyar Munkáspárt (Hungarian Workers Party) candidate László Kerezsi.

Altogether 5009 voted out of 15,837 eligible voters.

The by-election was called after mayor János Süli was appointed minister without portfolio overseeing Paks II by President János Áder on April 26. As minister he oversees the planning, construction and operation of two new nuclear reactors at Hungary’s Paks nuclear plant. Süli resigned as Paks mayor on May 31, since when Szabó has been executive leader. In 2014 Süli won as the candidate of the local People’s Party (Néppárt) that also won in all Paks districts.