Figyelő: Helsinki Committee and Migration Aid = ISIS

November 9, 2017

Once-independent business/politics weekly Figyelő, whose publisher was purchased in summer by Fidesz-tied revisionist historian Mária Schmidt, published an issue this week that conflates Hungarian human rights NGOs with terrorist groups, reports.

The content of the weekly magazine took a pronounced pro-government turn after its purchase by Schmidt, the longtime director of Budapest’s House of Terror Museum. Perhaps no cover marks the print weekly’s descent into a pro-government tabloid better than this week’s featuring  the names of the Hungarian Helsinki Committee and Migration Aid, two migrant-assistance NGOs, in latinized Arabic letters imposed over the flag of the Islamic State (ISIS) followed by the Hungarian text “Afghan interpreter reveals (that) warriors are coming to Europe.”

Figyelő: Helsinki Committee and Migration Aid = ISIS

The cover article is an interview with a Hungarian interpreter, described as an “Afghan interpreter,” who figures prominently in  pro-government media, and who claims that “certain Hungarian interpreting organizations are under the influence of the Helsinki Committee” which, she alleges, is conspiring with third parties to import as many immigrants as possible into Europe.

The interview appears between two full-page government ads encouraging participation in the “National Consultation on the Soros Plan.” A total of 12 ads appear in the issue of the weekly magazine, comprising:

  • three Soros ads
  • one from the Hungarian Treasury
  • one from the Hungarian National Bank
  • one from the Hungarian Development Bank
  • one for Hungarian state bonds
  • one for a Visegrád Four conference
  • one for the state electric company MVM
  • one from the Ministry of Human Resources
  • one for state-owned gambling service provider Szerencsejáték Zrt,, and
  • one for a housing development built by a company owned by Figyelő owner Mária Schmidt.